Stage Depth: 

18’ from back of drum riser to center stage (10’ from front of drum riser)

Stage Width: 

23’ across front

Stage Height: 

Raised 3’ from dance floor

Drum Riser: 


Ceiling Clearance: 

10’ above stage (13’ above dance floor)


6 (six) 20-amp circuits

Dressing Room: 

Direct access to stage from Green Room


Stage fully carpeted and black curtained


FOH Speaker Amplifiers: 


FOH Speakers: 

(4) Smith Audio 1230 3-Way 750Watts RMS/BOX

(2) JBL Front Loaded Double 18” 1600Watts RMS/BOX

(2) Cerwin-Vega 18”Scoops/Kilomax Loaded 1250Watts RMS/BOX

Monitor Speaker Amplifiers: 


Monitor Speakers: 

(4) JBL 15” 2-Way

(2) Double 15” 2-Way Sidefills

Drum Monitor: 

Powered 18” Sub + Powered 12” 2-Way

FOH Mixing Console: 

Midas Venice 32X4X2

Monitor Console / “B” Mix: 

Allen & Heath GL2200 24X4X2


DBX Gates, Limiters, Compressors

LOFT Gates, Limiters, Compressors

DBX 31-Band Graphics/FOH

DBX 31-Band Monitor EQ’S

TC Electronics Effects Processors (X3)


Shure, Sennheiser


The Front of House system can nominally operate at 129dB at 1-Meter Crystal Clear

The room nominally operates at 118dB

The room has been professionally tuned by use of room analyzation & EQ weighed by:

Davidson Electronics Corp., Plainview, NY


Front of Stage:

(18) LED Par Cans

On Stage:

(36) LED Pin Spots

(2) 250 Scan Moving Lights

(2) LED Crowd Blasters
(1) 250 Spot Moving Light

(1) Atomic 3000 Strobe Light

Dance Floor:

(18) LED Pin Spots

(4) LED Spot Moving Lights


PC based program running 512 channels of DMX


The lights on the dance floor can be programmed to run in conjunction with the lights on the stage or remain separate.
This option gives the artist and client versatility with each individual show.

The overall lighting is easily programmable to fit each artist’s individual needs, and therefore compatible with any show.
The lighting is all adjustable and easily focused ahead of time or on the day of the show.